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Pay a visit to the sites and landmarks that tell our history

Frances Harper

Frances Harper was an African American abolitionist and poet. Her talents and passion contributed to bring awareness of the Civil Rights struggle happening around the country. This roadtrip takes you to sites and destinations that celebrate the causes that she was a part of. Follow in the footsteps and pathways of Frances Harper.

William Goodridge

William Goodridge made his place in history as an entrepreneur, social organizer and advocate for civil rights in his time. In addition to being one of the most successful men, of any color, in Pennsylvania, he risked it all to help freedom seekers along the underground railroad reach safe destinations in the North. Your journey along his roadtrip will take you to memorials and museums dedicated to Goodridge's legacy as well as sites that mark the times that he lived through.

Thaddeus Stevens

As a congressman and abolitionist Thaddeus Stevens made it his life’s goal to obtain Civil Rights and equality for all Americans. His passion for the cause often put him in perilous situations. The Thaddeus Stevens roadtrip takes you to the site of his office, his business, as well as places that commemorate the effort put forth by all abolitionists.

Basil Biggs

Basil Biggs lived during a time of great conflict and struggle. Yet through it all, he turned himself into a success story and helped other African Americans in their quest for freedom. This roadtrip guides you to Civil War museums, history-making sites, and destinations that commemorate the times of Basil Biggs.

Sarah McKim

Sarah and her husband James' contributions to the abolitionist movement were felt throughout the young country. They would make trips to various cities in Pennsylvania from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia and Gettysburg to Erie to represent those being persecuted and needed support. Sarah McKim's roadtrip takes you along the trails of the Civil Rights struggle in Pennsylvania. And guides you through the story of how the country made its way to true equality.