The individuals who helped make our country a land of freedom and equality.

Frances Harper

Abolitionist. Activist. Poet.

Frances Ellen Watkins Harper was born a freewoman in Maryland. She was educated and well read, courtesy of her uncle who ran a school for Black children.

William Goodridge

Entrepreneur. Underground Railroad Stationmaster

William Goodridge was born enslaved in Maryland to an African American mother and an unknown White father.

Thaddeus Stevens

Congressman. Abolitionist.

Avid abolitionist and one of Lancaster’s most prominent citizens, Thaddeus Stevens moved to York, Pennsylvania.

Basil Biggs

Underground Railroad Agent.

Basil Biggs was born in Maryland in 1819. His mother died when he was four, leaving Biggs to be hired out to work for others.

Sarah McKim

Abolitionist. Women's, Children's, and Animal Rights Activist.

Sarah McKim was the wife of James Miller McKim, a prominent abolitionist and Presbyterian minister, who also served as editor for the Pennsylvania Freeman.